Short Love Status For Whatsapp In English

love whatsapp status
love WhatsApp status

I Will Be Yours You Will Be Mine And Together We Will Be One Love ..!!

The Truth Hurts Only Ones, But A LIFE Hurts Every Time Your Remember It ..!!

Even When Someone Breaks It To You Gently Its Still Possible To Be Crushed …!

Girls Eyes Are Faster Than Google In Searching Handsome Guy, But Girls Heart Is Slower Than A Turtle In Forgetting A Boy That She Loved ..!!

A Single Rose Can Be My Garden …..A Single Friend My World ..!!

Love Is Like A Fart If You Have To Force It Its Probably A Crap!

A Good Friend Will Help You Move A Best Friend Will Help You Move A Dead Body …!!

A Girl Must Marry For Love And Keep On Marrying Until She Finds It …!!

She Wanted A Puppy . But I Didn’t Want A Puppy. So We Compromised And Got A Puppy …!!

Beauty Fades After Time But Personality Is Forever..!!

Money Cant Buy Happiness But It Can Help You Look For It Quicker In A Convertible !!

Whatsapp Status Love In English

Coffee Chocolate Men …Some Things Are Just Better Rich ..!!

I M Not Single I M Just Romantically Challenged !!

love whatsapp status
love whatsapp status
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Your Love And My Effort Together Will Conquer The WORLD…!!

Love The One Who Makes Ur World Beautiful…!!

Marriage Is A Fine Institution But I Am Not Ready For An Institution …!!

If Your  Heart Was A Prison I Would Like To Be Sentenced For Life..!!

You Are So Beautiful That You Give The Sun A Reason To Shine…..!!

I M Totally A Cheap Date , I Don’t Pay For Anything ..!!

I M A Great Lover Ill Bet ..!!

The Secret Of A Happy Marriage Remains A Secret ..!!

A Man In Love Is Incomplete Until He Is Married , Then Has Finished …!!

Love Status For Whatsapp

Marriage Is A Tree Ring Circus : An Engagement Ring A Wedding Ring Suffering ..!!

May Mother Always Said Don’t Marry For Money Divorce For Money ….!!

No One Realizes The Beauty Of Love Until Your Caught In It ..!!

love whatsapp status
love whatsapp status
Hindi Attitude Status For Whatsapp

I Started Beliving In Love When You Said For The First Time That LOVE Is BEAUTIFUL Thing ….!!

The Greatest Advantage Of Speaking The Truth Is That You Don’t Have To Remember What You Said !!

Our Days Are Happier When We Give People Bit Of Our Heart Rather Than Piece Of Our Mind ..!!

I Cant Be Your First Love But I Promised To Be Your Last Love /…!!

I Will Marry The Girl Who Look Pretty In Her Adhaar Card ..!!

LOVE Looks Not With The Eyes But With The SOUL ..!!

Where There Is Great Love There Are Always Wishes ..!!

Life Is Not The Amount Of Breaths You Takes It’s The Moments That Take Your Breath Away …!!

Best Love Status For Whatsapp In English

Wanna Hug You Soo Tight …..That Even Space Between Us !!

Don’t Kiss Behind The Garden Love Is Blind But The Neighbours  Are Not ..!!

Love Is Cute When Its New But Love Is Most Beautiful When It Last ..!!

love whatsapp status
love whatsapp status
Attitude Status For Whatsapp In Hindi

Beautiful Face Beautiful Body Horrible Attitude . It Was The Holy Trinity Of Hot Boys ..!!

Food Water Sleep Love Whatsapp Repeat It ..!!

If I Had Know What It Would Be Like To Have It All – I Might Have Been Willing To Settle For Less …!!

If You Love Me Raise Your Hand Your Dant Then Raise Your Standard ..!!

Marriage Is A Relationship In Which One Person Is Always Right And The Other Is The Husband !!

If You Love Something Let It Go , If It Comes Back It Was Meant To Be . If It Does Not Hunt It Down Kill It ..!!

Girl You Better Have A License Cuz You Are Driving Me Crazy?!!

Love Starts With A Smile Grows With A Kiss And Ends With A Tear ..!!

If Love Was Easy There Would Be Almost No Music …!!

The Two Hardest Things To Say In Life Are Hello For The First Time And Goodbye For The Last Time ..!!

Love Is Master Key That Is Capable Of Opening A Gate Of Happiness ..!!

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