Best Attitude Status For Whatsapp – Attitude Status

I Want My Girlfriend Like Google She Will Understand  Me Better ..!!

Every Problem Comes With Solution But My Girlfriend Don’t Have,,..!!

Dear Lord There Is A Bug In Your Software …..It's Called # Sunday Please Fix It !!

best attitude status for whatsapp
best attitude status for Whatsapp

I Wish My Parents Were Like Google ….They Should Understand Me Even Before I Complete !!

Every Problem Comes With Some Solution ……If It Doesn’t Have Any Solution It’s A Girl ..!!

I Am Not Spiderman Nor Superman However I Am Superhero For My Girlfriend …!!

Drunk People Run On Red Light ….. Normal People Wait For Them To Turn Green …!!

Work Hard And Let Peoples Show Your  Success …!!

There Is No Shortcut For Success ..!!

You Are Not Born Winner You Are Not Born Loser Its Your Choice To Make Winner Or Loser …!!

Whatsapp Status Attitude One Line

best attitude status for whatsapp
best attitude status for Whatsapp

{*51+} Love Status For Whatsapp In Hindi

No Matter How Busy A Person Is ….. If They Really Love They Will Always Find The Time For You …!!

Love Is Like A Air …We Cant See It But! We Can Feel It …!!

In Todays World, The Ket To Success Is To Delete Your ..Whatsapp Facebook Account !!

There Is Nothing Greater In The World Than Being Loving Parents ..!!

*Something No Matter …! How Much  You Want Things To Happen! All You Can Do Is Wait …!!

We Should Love Not Fall In Love … Because Everything That Falls Gets Broken ..!!

I Am Singe Because I Have Not Found Someone Who Deserves ME…!!

If Nobody Love You Then You Are Doing Something Wrong !!

My Attitude Based On How You Treat Me ..!!

The Meaning Of Things Lies Not In The Things Themselves But In Our Attitude Towards Them !!

Whatsapp Status In One Line

!!Shukar Maan  Ke Maine Tere Se Kabhi Mulakaat Nahi Ki Warna Tere Dil Ko To Tere Khilaaf Kar Deta ..!!

I Am Not A Special Person But I Am Just Limited Edition ….!!

I Don’t Hate Peoples I Just Love Peoples Who Love Me ..!!

Always Stay True To Yourself Never Sacrifice Who Are You For Anyone ..!!

If Some One Hate You Without Reason Then Give The Reason To Him …!!

! Good Girl Are Those Which Can Help People Bad Girl Have No Time To Help ..!!

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